Missio – Can You Feel the Sun [2020]

Missio Can You Feel the Sun Track List

Can You Feel the Sun is the third studio album by American electronic alternative duo Missio, released on October 23, 2020 via RCA Records. The title track Can You Feel The Sun is a great single that showcases the struggle for life in real isolation. An exciting melody and one of the album's highlights. Don't Forget To Open Your Eyes is another similar single that encourages us to just get out of bed and watch the sun rise. Not surprisingly, they were presented at the same time on September 9, 2020. The most advertised song was Vagabond. Thanks to the hard club beats and the collaboration with Esoteric from Czarface, who added an extra rap element to the track, which further improved the sound. Rapper Paul Wall in the song Crybaby helps to tell about the breakup thanks to the amazing lyrics. The melody Losing My Mind is in the air and speaks of doubts and insecurities that can creep into the soul, while We All Burn to the Ground speaks of love for which there are no barriers. The Hoodie Up dance tune includes a special beat that makes Missio's sound unique and progressive. The Wolves composition tells about different laws in different places, what is possible in one place is prohibited in another. This is another hard blow that will make your blood boil. The album ends with the single Day Dreaming. This is a glimpse into the future, when the old world collapses and creates a new one. The melody evokes a feeling of joy, optimism and ends on a lyric note, summing up the whole Can You Feel the Sun.

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