Missio – The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man [2019]

Missio The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man Track List

The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man, the second album by young American duo Missio, who writes electronic music in the style of dark, emotional pop music, was released on April 12, 2019 via RCA Records and contains 13 tracks. On January 12, 2019, the official video for the single Rad Drugz was presented. After 3 months, along with the release of the album, a second video appeared on the single I See You. Listening to the music of Missio, there is a feeling that they come from the darkest and dirtiest corner of New York. Dark mood and swear words run like a red thread through the whole new album. Their darkness is real and deep – and if they speak foul language, then it is simply necessary. Even the first Underground song is not about the gangster life in the underground, but about the fact that someone really belongs to the upper part of society, but is stuck at the bottom. Missio can not only listen carefully, but also enjoy the music itself. The songs sound so full that it is hard to believe that only two musicians perform them. No imitation, all the arrangements are fresh and new, and many want to listen again.

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