Mono Inc. – Together Till the End [2017]

Mono Inc. Together Till the End Track List

The ninth album, Together Till The End, recorded at NoCut Studios, German gothic rock band Mono Inc. released on January 3, 2017. Work on it continued throughout the year. In this conceptual, fully English-language album, all 12 tracks of the main part and 8 are bonus, are connected by a marine theme and the frigate "Coat of arms of Hamburg", sunken in 1722, depicted on the cover. The first composition begins with the sound of waves, ship's bell and the cries of sea gulls. The powerful “The Banks of Eden” with the characteristic sound of the group, dominant keyboards, hard riffs and drums, an excellent choir and final clean vocals is a good start to this work. No less strong and the second track “Together Till The End”, which gave the album its name, sounds like a group anthem. There are some surprises for fans on the album. Ronnan Harris, the frontman of VNV Nation, was invited to participate in the recording of the “Boatman” track, whose harmonious duet with Martin Engler emphasizes the depth of the text and the emotional, catchy melody. And “Children of the Dark” is an excellent collaboration between the group and Joachim Witt, Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) and Tilo Wolf (Lacrimosa). This is, perhaps, a composition with the best work of drums, introductory and main crystal beta vocals of Kata Mia. They sound in the final symphonic reprise “Eden” of the main part of the album. The second part impresses with the live-track of opera singer Ronald Zeidler, whose magnificent voice is set off by the uncomplicated accompaniment of the piano. Brilliant remixes of the tracks of the main part from Palast, Faderhead, Solitary Experiments emphasize the potential that is present in the original compositions. In general, the album is listened in one breath and levels out a few negative criticism of the previous work of the group, demonstrating the style, sound and commitment to the overall storyline characteristic of the group. The successful two-month Mono Inc tour with “Together Till The End”, held in Germany with the support of the Palace, showed that a return to its old sound could be a new milestone in the history of the group.

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