Mono Inc. – Welcome to Hell [2018]

Mono Inc. Welcome to Hell Track List

Welcome to Hell – the tenth studio album of the German gothic band Mono Inc. was released on July 27, 2018 under the label No Cut. As in the previous album Together Till The End, all compositions are performed exclusively in English. Among them is the song Flies, which is a reissue of the same name song from the Head Under Water debut album. This is a double concept album, inspired by the dark days of the Middle Ages. First CD Mono Inc. recorded in a unique style of dark rock, creating a sense of chaos, grief, hopelessness, fear and a pleasant tremor in the back of the listener. The second CD is significant and mysterious, it charms with beautiful and quiet music. Here, the songs from the first disc are reinterpreted in the style of a chamber orchestra, and the combination of piano, stringed instruments and the unique voice of Martin Engler create a completely new, fascinating feeling. On the eve of the new album, four singles were recorded: Welcome to Hell, A Vagabond's Life with Eric Fish from Subway To Sally, Long Live Death and Risk It All (Symphonic Version).

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