Nanowar of Steel – Italian Folk Metal [2021]

Nanowar of Steel Italian Folk Metal Track List

  1. Requiem per gigi sabani in re minore
  2. L’assedio di porto cervo
  3. La maledizione di capitan Findus
  4. La marcia su piazza grande
  5. La mazurka del vecchio che guarda I cantieri (feat. Alessandro Conti)
  6. La polenta taragnarock
  7. Scugnizzi of the land of fires
  8. Rosario (feat. Giada Jade Etro)
  9. Il signore degli anelli dello stadio
  10. Gabonzo robot
  11. Sulle aliquote della libertà
  12. Der fluch des kapt’n iglo
  13. El baile del viejo que mira las obras
  14. Formia
  15. Biancodolce

Italian Folk Metal is the sixth studio album by Italian comedy heavy metal band Nanowar of Steel, released on July 2, 2021 via Napalm Records. This is the most epic album ever recorded by the quintet. Here, almost all the songs are exclusively in Italian. Italian Folk Metal perfectly combines the most diverse styles of folk music – and they are all convincing enough that people unfamiliar with Italian culture would not even realize that the songs are full of ridicule and parody. And the Neapolitan song in the middle of the album, the story of which will be understood by even fewer people, only emphasizes this. When listening to Nanowar of Steel, you can always be sure of two things. First, their music will always be fun, silly, but fun. Secondly, their music will always be great.

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