Omnimar – Darkpop [2021]

Omnimar Darkpop Track List

Darkpop is the fourth studio album by the Russian electronic duo Omnimar was released on February 12, 2021 via darkTunes Music Group. The project includes Maria Mar and Alex VRT, playing in the style of alternative pop, inspired by European gothic and club music. The language of the songs is predominantly English, but there are compositions in German and Russian. The group is actively touring in Russia and Europe, at all concerts it is accompanied by a guitarist and a dance show. Darkpop is beautifully and elegantly designed. Maturity can be traced in the lyrics and compositions, creating mystical soundscapes. The music videos that accompany their singles are as important as the songs themselves. Most of them were filmed by Maria Mar and have amassed a huge number of views on YouTube – more than fifteen million in total. Darkpop is great, but the favorites are Wishing For Life; Feels Like Velvet, which is a great example of what Omnimar is; Serenity and Red, the sexiest song ever written.

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