Pet Shop Boys – Hotspot [2020]

Pet Shop Boys Hotspot Track List

Almost forty years after its founding, the indefatigable duet Pet Shop Boys continues to delight fans of British synth-pop music. On January 24, 2020, the legendary musicians released their fourteenth studio album “Hotspot”, which included 10 tracks. Recorded mostly at the legendary Hansa Tonstudio studios in Berlin, he released on his own duo label x2. Interestingly, many expected the start of a new era for Pet Shop Boys after the release of the single "Dreamland" on September 11, 2019, created and recorded with the participation of Olli Alexander, lead singer of the band Years & Years. An optimistic, high-quality track with sharp lyrics, bright chords and an unexpectedly harmonious duet, in which experience and youth combined, sounds fresh and timeless. Over the course of two weeks, the "Dreamland" video, which has become popular, has gained over 300,000 views on YouTube. But the revolution did not happen. In addition to the guitar part in the melodious song “Burning the heather”, performed by Bernard Butler of the Suede band and the final song “Wedding in Berlin” with elements of techno-pop and fragments of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, there is no innovation in the new album. Pet Shop Boys simply improves on what they did before, using elaborate arrangements, clear synthesizer samples, traditionally high-quality synth-pop with a small share of Euro dance and meaningful lyrics. It is this traditional sound, high professionalism and fidelity to their recognizable style that allows musicians to remain popular and modern, oriented to a wide audience of listeners.

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