Pop Evil – Skeletons [2023]

Pop Evil Skeletons Track List

Skeletons is the seventh studio album by American rock band Pop Evil, released on March 17, 2023 via eOne Music. On April 22, 2022, the band recorded the first single and accompanying video from their new album, titled Eye of the Storm. Musically, it is a chaotic whirlpool with a motivating message in the middle of the song and a furious chorus. According to vocalist Leigh Kakaty: “No matter who you are or where you are from, at some point we all face a situation that is beyond our control. Sometimes it seems hopeless, but it's not. There is always a path through chaos and a way out of this chaos. You are stronger and closer to salvation than you think. The storm will pass. Don't let her bury you." On September 30, 2022, the premiere of the second single - Paranoid (Crash & Burn) took place, for which a music video was later shot on December 9, 2022. The new music video for the third single from the Skeletons titled Dead Reckoning featuring Ryan Kirby, lead singer of the American metalcore band Fit for a King, was shown on January 13, 2023. Other guest artists include bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser and Blake Allison of Devour the Day, who provided guest vocals on Wrong Direction. Drew Fulk, a co-writer of several songs from previous Pop Evil albums, took part in the work on the album.

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