Poppy – I Disagree [2020]

Poppy I Disagree Track List

The album “I Disagree” by the young American singer Poppy, released on January 10, 2020, became the third in her musical career, and the first recorded at Sumerian Records. It contains 10 tracks with a total duration of just over 38 minutes, most of which were created together with the former producer and director of the singer Titanic Sinclair. Contrary to expectations, she did not follow the path of "weighting" her songs, which was indicated in previous works. A listener unfamiliar with the work of the singer, “I Disagree” will seem, at least, strange. In a press release, Poppy noted that the plot of this protest album is “destroying things that are trying to destroy you”, it focuses on a depressed person who no longer wants to follow generally accepted norms and disagrees with anything and anyone in principle. Caustic, sometimes bile lyrics are quite simple and do not pretend to be original. The rich musical component of the release is much more interesting. This is an incredible combination of different styles of pop music, many heavy metal genres and industrial music with a quick change of rhythm, dynamics, sound structure, with high-quality arrangements. And against this background – the loud, subtle, almost childish voice of Poppy with harsh, sometimes apocalyptic phrases. Of the entire music palette of the album, only the graceful pop ballad “Sick of the Sun” stands out, with a beautiful atmospheric melody and gentle natural vocals of the singer. In support of his new work, Poppy embarks on a grand tour of North America and the countries of Eurasia from January 22 to March 30, during which he will hold 36 concerts. Due to its shockingness, “I Disagree” claims to be the most daring and interesting album of the year.

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