Powerwolf – Lupus Dei [2007]

Powerwolf Lupus Dei Track List

Lupus Dei ("Wolf of God") is the second studio album of the German power metal band Powerwolf, released on May 7, 2007 under the label Metal Blade Records. The lyrics are focused on parables about vampires and werewolves taken from the Bible. The album "Lupus Dei" tells the story of a werewolf who overcomes the path from the Devil to God. Thus, the album opens with the introduction of "Lupus Daemonis" ("Wolf of the Demon") and ends with the title track "Lupus Dei" ("Wolf of God" – by analogy with "the lamb of God"; or "Wolf of God"). And even if somewhere the group's approach sometimes seems naive, when listening to the album, it becomes clear that Powerwolf is more serious than ever: to immerse the listener in the right atmosphere, some of the material was recorded in a 12th-century church in the church and attracted a choir of thirty people and in general, they gave a very interesting, well thought out and executed work.

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