Rammstein – Zeit [2022]

Rammstein Zeit Track List

Zeit is the eighth studio album by the German NDH band Rammstein, released on April 29, 2022 via Universal Music. After the premiere of the self-titled album Rammstein (2019), which completed a ten-year break in the recording of new works by the band, the group went on a world tour. However, due to the pandemic, already in 2020, she was forced to abandon tours in Europe and North America. So Rammstein returned to La Fabrique Studios in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where they recorded their new album in just six months. If we talk about the main mood, then Zeit can be called a black album without exaggeration. Nostalgia and melancholy are especially noticeable in the opening tracks and at the end of the album. Of course, the music in Zeit not only mourns and wails, but also strikes with its power, hum and enthusiasm, especially in the middle part. Familiar staccato riffs evoke pleasant memories, and many details and breaks delight. To promote the project, three singles from the album were presented – Zeit (March 10, 2022), Zick Zack (April 7, 2022) and Angst, which became available on the day of the album's release. But the final eleventh track of the Adieu album causes concern and makes fans think that this is not the last Rammstein album? Here, against the background of the sounds of the crowd, heartfelt words sound – “Adieu, Goodbye. You have to go the last way alone”, which can be interpreted as the end of the album, the end of life or the end of the band.

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