Red – Declaration [2020]

Red Declaration Track List

Declaration is the seventh studio album by American Christian rock band Red, released on April 3, 2020, via the independent Red Entertainment label in collaboration with The Fuel Music. The project was again produced by American musician and composer Rob Graves, who took part in the recording of five previous albums. Touring drummer Dan Johnson will join the band on a permanent basis and will become their fourth member. Retired drummer Joe Rickard is the sound engineer for mixing, mastering and the co-writer of two Declaration songs. What came of it? And the result is an album from Red, which has everything that fans expected, and even more. It's quite heavy – thanks to the guitars and vocals, extremely emotional – again due to the flawless vocals, and incredibly dramatic. This is clearly heard from the opening track All For You, filled with the brute force of Infidel and the heartbreaking reality in The War We Made. Then there are the less dark but more angry moments like Float and Only Fight, some of the heaviest tracks RED has ever recorded. Pieces such as The Victim do a great job with this thrust of emotion, thanks to their varied vocal styles. A more refined but equally effective and exciting Sever, a powerful yet perfect balance of everything in Declaration.

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