Santiano – Wenn die Kälte kommt [2021]

Santiano Wenn die Kälte kommt Track List

Wenn die Kälte kommt, the sixth studio album by German sailor rockers, was released on October 8, 2021 via We Love Music. After several successful albums, including MTV Unplugged (2019), the band decided to repeat their success. Moreover, Wenn die Kälte kommt is timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the band's creation, when five musicians united into a distinctive collective. The band's unmistakable style, combining combinations of folk and pop, rock and hit, is reflected in a new piece of art from Santiano. The lyrics of 14 songs touch upon such emotional themes as friendship, solidarity and love, as well as death. The history of songs is connected with the greatest race to conquer the South Pole by two famous explorers of the unknown - Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott. The first single from Wellerman's new album became a hit when it was released on February 19, 2021. In terms of popularity, he bypassed the hit of the same name by the Scottish artist Nathan Evans, who made a real boom of sea chants all over the world. The best part is that Santiano is performing his hit with Nathan Evans. The only thing that can be considered a drawback is that the song is not performed in German. It would give all this a more colorful sound.

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