Secret Rule – Against [2020]

Secret Rule Against Track List

Against, the fifth studio album by Italian symphonic metal band Secret Rule, was released on February 21, 2020 via Pride & Joy Music. This work opens a new chapter in the collective's creativity, in which they free themselves from all previous stereotypes. Therefore, listening to their new disc, you are unlikely to find a hint of symphonic metal or anything else that you have heard from them before. Secret Rule introduced a new concept of sound with a modern twist, while retaining its energy and passion. Spira Mirabilis is a great album prelude that sets the pace and sets you up for listening. This is an unusual concept album in which the symbiosis of the human and heavenly states defines its core. The driving force behind Against is musical composition, with its precise balance of synths, low-frequency and deliciously heavy riffs, fast bass with percussion and intricate drum rhythm. In their performance, Secret Rule is influenced by Rammstein music. Angela Di Vincenzo showcases incredible vocals with tremendous range and depth along with even more catchy choruses that will make you dance.

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