Secret Rule – Mea Culpa [2021]

Secret Rule Mea Culpa Track List

  1. Blunder
  2. A New War
  3. Black Swan
  4. Born This Way
  5. Whore
  6. The King Has Fallen
  7. Welcome to Hell
  8. Lost
  9. Mother Earth

Mea Culpa is the seventh album by Italian symphonic metal band Secret Rule, released on June 3, 2021. On the same day, another video for the song Born This Way was presented. Regardless of how you were born and what problems you have - the mood of this song is joyful, this is a hymn to Love and Equality. Mea Culpa contains 9 tracks, all of which will be released one after the other once a month on all digital platforms. The album's final song will be released digitally in December. The first official video from the new album was the track Mother Earth, released on February 5, 2021. A month later, on March 16, a 2D animated video for the song Black Swan is released. And already on April 28, 2021, Blunder appears - a new music video shows the isolation in which we have been living for the last 2 years. The clip takes place in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic future, where the only footprints left by people are handprints painted on the wall. But who controls our destiny? Creator or just an outside observer? If you compare Mea Culpa with the previous works of the group, then he became more personal and emotional.

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