Semblant – Vermilion Eclipse [2022]

Semblant Vermilion Eclipse Track List

  1. Enrage
  2. Destiny in Curse
  3. Purified
  4. The Human Eclipse
  5. Somber Concern
  6. Neverending Fall
  7. Through the Denial
  8. Black Sun Genesis (Legacy of Blood, Pt. VI)
  9. Heretic
  10. Bloodred Monarch (Legacy of Blood, Pt. VII)
  11. Gaslighting
  12. Day One Oblivion

Vermilion Eclipse is the fourth studio album by Brazilian melodic death metal band Semblant, released on April 15, 2022 via Frontiers Music Srl. In 2006, vocalist Sergio Mazul and keyboardist J. Augusto joined forces to create and perform metal music, in which they used all the dark and aggressive elements. After numerous perturbations, the band was formed as follows: two founders, vocalist Mizuho Lin, guitarist Juliano Ribeiro, drummer Thor Sikora and bassist Sol Perez. With their latest work, Vermillion Eclipse, the band has continued to unleash the power of their music, which is hard to categorize. Due to their wide creative range in the field of metal and rock, Semblant musicians are quite unique, and at the same time well known to the public. Due to the pandemic impossibility to go on tour with their previous album Obscura (2020), the sextet took up songwriting for the new album with a vengeance. The emotional mood and the sea of free time gave an amazing result, which you can judge for yourself. Before the album's premiere, Semblant presented two video clips for the singles from the new record – Purified and Enrage.

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