Skarlett Riot – Invicta [2021]

Skarlett Riot Invicta Track List

Invicta is the third studio album by British contemporary alternative metal band Skarlett Riot, released on May 7, 2021 via Despotz Records. After the release of Regenerate (2017), bassist Martin Shepherd left the quartet and was replaced by Tim Chambers. Musically, Skarlett Riot is like a combination of Killswitch Engage and Evanescence. It is a spacious, technical, riff-filled sound with many hooks and progressive elements, as well as a combination of screams, growls and Chloe "Skarlett" Drinkwater's clean vocals, brought together by brilliant melodies. It's fast and ferocious, it's perfectly played, mixed and produced, making it an unforgettable listening experience from start to finish. The talent shown in instrumental performance and vocals is amazing - all melodies are expressive and full of life in all played and performed notes. It's easy to see this in compositions like Stronger, Cut The Ties, Not Alone and Human, which have great stadium metal sounds. Even tracks as soft and slow as Into Pieces and Falling. Invicta is the most ambitious and outspoken release in the band's career.

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