Sleeping with Sirens – How It Feels to Be Lost [2019]

Sleeping with Sirens How It Feels to Be Lost Track List

How It Feels to Be Lost, the sixth studio album by American rock band Sleeping with Sirens, was released on September 6, 2019 via Sumerian Records. When many musicians began to write lighter and more popular music, Kellin Quinn and his team decided to return to their familiar, heavier sound. This became clear from their first singles to the disc. The new release is the last Sleeping With Sirens to record with drummer Gabe Barham, who has played with the band since its inception. The comeback single Leave It All Behind is the best sound of the resurgent band, while retaining the ability for a monstrous chorus. Break Me Down became a powerful, unbridled number with sizzling guitars and hooks built for big festival scenes. The bounce in Never Enough is structured for maximum memorability, but it also has some killer riffs and is undeniable pleasure. Agree to Disagree is another impressive frenzy and collection of the most delicious emo lyrics. Ghost's brooding dark-pop anthem provides a welcome and atmospheric change of pace. Filled with electrical energy, Another Nightmare seems like nothing more than a simple set of metalcore rhymes. Likewise, the final track, Dying To Believe, adds some variation to the mix, but sounds rather tedious and doesn't feel like a grand finale. However, despite some oversights, How It Feels To Be Lost is Sleeping With Sirens' clear win.

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