Starset – Divisions [2019]

Starset Divisions Track List

Divisions, the third studio album of Starset, an American rock band from Columbus, Ohio, was released on Friday, September 13, 2019 via Fearless Records, and contains 13 tracks. The name of the album Divisions was announced in August 2019 along with the release of the first single Manifest. The idea of the clip is focused on a work camp where people, under the influence of an implanted chip, joyfully perceive their unenviable position. But the flight of one worker leads to rebellion. Adhering to its development path, Divisions offers a new chapter reflecting a bleak future where technology has unleashed a war for human consciousness. Tracing the creative from Transmissions in 2014 and Vessels in 2017, you can't call Divisions a new style for Starset. It is progress rather than musical evolution. The concept of the group is the widespread use of multimedia and cinema with a rock band in the center. The narrative, symbolism and music are fully integrated into the near future and demonstrate both the positive and negative effects of technology on society – futuristic on the one hand and post-apocalyptic on the other.

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