Temperance – Viridian [2020]

Temperance Viridian Track List

The Italian group Temperance presented their fifth studio album, Viridian, on January 24, 2020. It became the first work of a symphonic metal team recorded on the Napalm Records label and the second, with the participation of Alicia Skoletti and Michelle Guaytoli, who became part of Temperance in 2018. The album, according to the musicians, has become the hardest and most dynamic in their career. Over the nearly 45-minute sound of 11 tracks, Viridian has not let go of the listener thanks to its powerful energy. A distinctive feature of the album is beautiful catchy melodies and deep lyrics performed by a unique vocal trio of magnificent, but completely different voices. All this is harmoniously combined with hard metal reefs of guitars, saturated with electronic and symphonic accompaniment. “Viridian” is also remarkable for its diversity: the dynamic, ultra-modern track “Mission Impossible”, the opening album and the soulful pop ballad “Guya”, the melodic composition “My Demons Can't Sleep” and “Nanook” with folk-rock elements and authentic instruments, and “Catch a Dream” with a choir performing spirituals. To record compositions, musicians also used stringed instruments – cello, violin, viola, double bass, with the help of which they managed to give unusual sound to the new Temperance sound. Inspired by their work, the group carried out four brilliant exclusive releases of the new album on the air of Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria. A large European Temperance tour with the legend of symphonic metal Tarja Turunen will be held in March-April, two headliner tours with the Austrian band Visions of Atlantis, concerts in Russia and South America have been announced.

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