The Score – Stay [2019]

The Score Stay Track List

Only six months have passed since the release of the mini-album Pressure, and the guys from The Score revealed their new sixth EP album. The band members fanned the interest of fans in their social. networks throughout the summer, and on August 9 the long-awaited release of the new creation took place. Like the previous albums, Stay was released on the Republic Records label in the indie pop and pop rock genres. The average duration of the tracks is only 2.35 minutes, which is very different from the previous mini-album with longer songs. However, the fans were not embarrassed, and they met the record warmly enough. The only single in the album was the composition Stay, which, according to the members of the group, personifies the album as a whole. The music video was released a month before the release of the album, and, according to Eddie Ramirez, the vocalist of the group, plays an important role for him: "It means a lot to me, as to an American of Mexican descent, he reminds me of Mexican culture and a love of wrestling." The album follows the mood of the single, and supports the main trends of indie pop: the compositions are filled with the theme of the struggle for freedom, personal identification and the problem of accepting the truth. Now The Score is getting ready for a tour of American cities, but fans believe the guys will be back soon with new stuff.

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