Thirty Seconds to Mars – America [2018]

Thirty Seconds to Mars America Track List

America is the fifth studio album of the American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Released on Interscope on April 6, 2018. This is the group's first album in five years since the release of "Love Lust Faith + Dreams" in 2013. During this time, the group left the Virgin. The album was produced by famous frontman Jared Leto with Yellow Claw, Zedd, Robopop. In this work there has been a sharp shift in style – from alternative rock to electro-pop sound. The artwork and design for the album was made by Villo Perron and Jared Leto. As many as 10 cover options with lists of various popular names, brands, bloggers and more. In addition, the group has created a cover designer on its official website, and anyone can create their own. Having made his band one of the most popular and won an Oscar, Jared Leto proclaimed change. He changed guitars to synthesizers, but left the music just as boring, clichéd and banal. He marked the spirit of the times and put it on the cover, but did not fill them with his songs. America is a typical example of the predominance of form over content – conservative music hidden under a bright skin. Behind all this, Leto quite accurately reflected the prevailing moods of modern America.

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