Trivium – What the Dead Men Say [2020]

Trivium What the Dead Men Say Track List

What the Dead Men Say – the ninth studio album of the American heavy metal band Trivium was released on April 24, 2020 via Roadrunner Records, with Josh Wilbur as producer. On February 27, 2020, the first single from the Catastrophist album was released. At the same time, the group announced the release date of the album, its cover and a list of tracks. In this composition, Trivium expanded their style of songwriting, combining different melodies and tempo of performance. Their breathtaking rhythm can be heard throughout the composition. A month before the release of the new album, the group recorded a music video for their title track What the Dead Men Say. According to bassist Paolo Gregoletto, the group has always been serious about which song will be the title track, because it reflects the musical content of the album. At the same time, he clarified that initially What the Dead Men Say was planned as two separate compositions, but in the course of work one epic melody was obtained.

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