Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface [2015]

Twenty One Pilots Blurryface Track List

The release of the fourth studio album "Blurryface" by the American duo Twenty One Pilots took place on May 19, 2015. This event was a landmark for the group, a week after its release for the first time topping the Billboard 200 chart. “Blurryface”, consisting of 14 tracks, was recorded at Fueled By Ramen. The key theme of the album is indicated in "Fairly Local", a gloomy electronic track with high-quality and technical hip-hop, which was released in early March. The question of the internal struggle of the songwriter and frontman of the group Tyler Joseph with his fictional dark lyrical hero Blurryface (Blurred Face), angry, insecure, subject to mystical fears, the leitmotif goes through all the songs. The undisputed hit was the bright rhythmic composition “Tear In My Heart”, in which alternative rock is organically combined with pop and electronic dance music. In general, Twenty One Pilots continues to experiment, combining a variety of genres and creating their own unique musical style. There is a place for synthesizers and heavy guitar riffs, rhythmic reggae and indie rock. Of particular note is Tyler's voice, which has become a kind of instrument in the musical component of the album. With his help, the vocalist fights with a double, then conducting a rap dialogue, then entering into an open confrontation with him using extreme vocals. Such a cry in the last track "Goner" won and put an end to the internal struggle. The album’s popularity was promoted by impressive video clips on the most vivid compositions, which collected hundreds of thousands of views in a few days. “Blurryface” was praised by critics and took first place in the top 10 Essential Records of 2015, and in 2018 went down in history as the first album, each song of which received a gold certificate from the Association of Recording Companies of the United States.

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