Unleash the Archers – Abyss [2020]

Unleash the Archers Abyss Track List

Abyss, the fifth studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Unleash the Archers, was released on August 21, 2020 via Napalm Records. This is a concept album that continues the story started in Apex (2017). It was originally planned to release Apex and Abyss as a double album, but due to lack of time this plan had to be abandoned. The protagonist of the previous saga, Immortal, is reborn on a ship in deep space. For some time he wanders alone, reflecting on his misdeeds and in search of a new master for himself. And now he is found – this is the grandson of Matriarch, the main rival, whose father was sacrificed to perform the ritual of immortality (the events took place in Apex). And now the grandson is trying to take revenge on Matriarch with the help of his new-found weapon – Immortal. In the end, opponents decide to pacify their anger in order to save the soul, instead of wreaking havoc. According to Brittney Slayes soloist, the new album raises eternal themes – the struggle between good and evil and light against darkness. The conflict between the good and bad sides of the protagonist is revealed, who, thanks to his iron will, was able to determine who he is – a free man or an instrument in the wrong hands. For the first time, Unleash the Archers uses only seven-string guitars for recording. This made the sound of the composition more unearthly and significantly different from the previous work.

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