Visions of Atlantis – Pirates [2022]

Visions of Atlantis Pirates Track List

Pirates is the eighth studio album by Austrian symphonic metal and power metal band Visions of Atlantis, released on May 13, 2022 via Napalm Records. It should be noted that Pirates is a multifaceted album that turned out to be a cut above Wanderers (2019). It was created by a team that has become even better, and was able to more accentuate its sound to the listener. The new creation of Visions of Atlantis is completely focused on one theme and, as the name suggests, is dedicated to pirates. The presented album will undoubtedly delight with an abundance of hits: the bright Milancholy Angel, the groovy Clocks and the magnificent Darkness Inside. The duet ballad Freedom enchants with the magnificent voice of vocalist Michele Guaitoli. Well, Legion Of The Seas and In My World would harmoniously fit into any album of the famous band Nightwish. The beautiful melody of Heal The Scars and the inimitable voice of Clémentine Delauney accompanied by a magic flute performed by Ben Metzner from Feuerschwanz are delightful. And the album closes with the epic I Will Be Gone. In short, Pirates from Visions of Atlantis makes its fans feel the salt of the sea in the air, feel the wind on their skin and breathe in the boundless freedom that only real pirates are capable of.

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