Volturian – Red Dragon [2022]

Volturian Red Dragon Track List

Red Dragon is the second album by the Italian symphonic metal band Volturian, released on May 20, 2022 via Scarlet Records. In their new work Red Dragon, the musicians harmoniously continued where they left off, recording Crimson (2020) with their debut album. Volturian create their own sound based on melodic elements with the addition of symphonic and electronic pop music. The sound is built on finding the right balance between these elements. The album is easy to listen to, it has catchy melodies, but the highlight is the outstanding vocals of Federica Lanna. The plot of the album is based on the book "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris about Hannibal Lecter. Red Dragon consists of eight full-length songs plus shorter intro and outro instrumentals. Rebirth is an electronic musical composition that prepares you for a pleasant journey. Stay is a great track with mesmerizing vocals from Frederica Lanna, wonderful guitar solo by Federico Mondelli and impressive drumming from Andrea Zannin. The Harley is saturated with Massimiliano Rossi's bass guitar sound and together with the beautiful melodies on the keyboards creates a real dark pop for the dance floor. Burn It Up is modern gothic metal with melancholy vocals and howling guitar sounds. Distant caress is a much slower track that is highlighted by the vocals. Bury Me is modern metal at its best. Freeze is traditional heavy metal with a heavy focus on guitars, bass and drums. Descent is an electronic closing track that opens the curtain on a great new album.

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