Wardruna – Skald [2018]

Wardruna Skald Track List

Skald is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian group Wardruna, released on November 23, 2018 under the label By Norse Music. Skald was recorded, mixed and performed by Iver Sandøy at the studio Solslottet Studio, produced by the project Einar Selvik and Iver Sandøy. This is a long-awaited album with Wardruna solo material and unreleased music written for the Vikings series. As the name implies, Skald is a tribute to the Norse scalding art: the poetry of its skalds in their meaningful and social function of historians, narrators, psychologists, diplomats, mentors, amateurs and keepers of myths. The indescribable beauty of these compositions lies in their powerful and all-consuming feeling of loneliness, and in the performance of ancient instruments and singing in the Old Scandinavian language, you practically hear the crackle of fire or the whistle of an ice storm crossing the water. Exclusive CDs and LPs with a limited edition of 250 copies worldwide are available for fans. All formats of the album contain an extensive booklet with the translation of the songs, as well as a solid introduction to the Scald and Old Scandinavian poetry written by the famous Icelandic author and the Old Scandinavian philologist Bergswein Birgisson.

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