Warkings – Reborn [2018]

Warkings Reborn Track List

Reborn is the debut album of the Greek heavy metal band Warkings, released November 16, 2018 under the label Napalm Records. When costumes are the image of a group, this may mean that the music requires additional support. Look at us, do not listen! Joining groups such as Kiss, Ghost and Slipknot, Warkings appeared before the public in the images of four heroes: the Roman tribune, the Scandinavian warrior, the decisive crusader and the deadly Spartan. Music, lyrics and producing are honed and professional. And despite the lack of originality, there are unexpected moments in this album. The sharp vocals in Sparta, the mysterious oriental character in the main riff to Holy Storm, and the final ballad Die Flut, performed in German, are a bold attempt to find a new one. The highlight of this album, of course, is Battle Cry. Successful military chorus, laying the foundation for an epic work. On November 14, 2018, Warkings released the Sparta music video. Earlier, on September 19, 2018, the band presented the Gladiator clip.

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