Warkings – Revenge [2020]

Warkings Revenge Track List

Revenge is the second studio album by multinational power metal band Warkings, released on July 31, 2020 via Napalm Records. What awaits us in this work? Battles, battles and more battles! It all started when hell wanted to take revenge on four kings. And battles with the forces of evil began to boil in different places and different eras! The events in Freedom are set in ancient Scotland. The second single Maximus and Fight In The Shade take us to the times of the Roman Empire, and Azrael's melodies to the sands of Jerusalem, all accompanied by the purest sound of metal. Each track is dominated by speed and the excellent elaboration of the material is noticeable. The only decrease in tempo occurs at Banners High, which turns the composition into a semi-ballad. But this exception only brightens the album. The Tribune's collaborative track with Queen of the Damned in Odin's Sons is undoubtedly the best on the record. Mellisa Bonny, who plays the Queen, has one of the most gorgeous female growlers, which adds even more power to the sound. Revenge ends with the composition of the same name Warking, where the last battle between good and evil is accompanied by powerful thrash riffs and is truly a metal epic and an ode to ourselves.

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