Weezer – Weezer (Black Album) [2019]

Weezer Weezer (Black Album) Track List

Weezer (Black Album) is the thirteenth studio album and sixth self-titled album in color by the American rock band Weezer, released on March 1, 2019 via Crush Music and Atlantic Records. Quite recently, the musicians pleased us with a good cover of Teal Album (2019), and now it's time to talk about a new full-fledged work – Black Album. The album was announced by Rivers Cuomo as part of the White Album (2016) advertising campaign, but for some reason Pacific Daydream (2017) was recorded instead. Despite its name, the album did not become some kind of heavy, full of hard guitar riffs. It continues the Pacific Daydream line, and to some extent the White Album, completing the so-called California trilogy. The first single from the album Can't Knock The Hustle turned out to be a rather powerful banger, where you can see an attempt to combine rock, rap and pop music, with an admixture of Spanish-Mexican motives and funk beat, which sounds pretty cool. Zombie Bastards is an excellent acoustic composition that takes you back to the origins of the quartet. The best track on the album is probably the very sad ballad High As Kite, which reminds of Surf Wax America from the first Weezer album. This is followed by a series of cheerful compositions: Living in L.A., Piece of Cake, I’m Just Being Honest and Too Many Thoughts In My Head. Byzantine is a common tropic-pop composition with a cool title. The track California Snow, despite its ambiguous perception, is ideal as an album cover.

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