Wind Rose – Warfront [2022]

Wind Rose Warfront Track List

Warfront is the fifth studio album by Italian power metal band Wind Rose, formed in 2009 in Pisa, and was released on June 10, 2022 via Napalm Records. The basis of their music is classic heavy metal with the use of power and folk metal combined with orchestral arrangements and powerful vocals. Wind Rose draws inspiration in writing songs from the works of J. Tolkien, and the race of dwarves is taken as the basis for the stage image. Warfront became a harmonious continuation of the previous album Wintersaga (2019). The five musicians offer their fans ten heroic short stories about gnomes and battles with evil spirits. The monumental opening track Of War And Sorrow smoothly flows into the heartbreaking Army Of Stone, which immediately boils the blood thanks to the powerful voice of Francesco Cavalieri. In March 2022, the epic Gates Of Ekrund video was released about the battle of dwarves with hordes of orcs. Constantly gaining momentum Wind Rose pushes his songs to the maximum in the multifaceted I Am The Mountain. Then there is a sharp decline, and rise to the top in the grand finale of the Warfront album – Tomorrow Has Come. The unsurpassed flavor of battle battles, bewitching atmosphere and first-class performance – all this merged into one in the new album. Wind Rose offers thrilling dwarf adventures, dramatic orchestral arrangements, and great Warfront performances.

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