Yungblud – The Underrated Youth [2019]

Yungblud The Underrated Youth Track List

On October 18, 2019, Locomotion Recordings / Geffen Records released the mini album “The Underrated Youth” by a young British singer and songwriter Yungblud (Dominic Harrison). Over the two years since the release of the first single of the year, the singer has become a rising star in alternative music, gathering millions of fans of his experimental punk rock. The album consists of six tracks, including three previously released singles – “Parents”, “Hope for the Underrated Youth” and “Original Me”, collaborating with Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons. The musician himself comments on the mini-album as a collection of "stories that he heard, and about traveling with his thoughts." In The Underrated Youth, Yungblud showcases the new possibilities of his voice, demonstrating the transition from singing to screaming. The very first track, “Braindead!”, Is an emotional clot of energy from the beat and crazy rhythm of the drums, from the very first second completely immersing a powerful sound into the ocean. The rhythmic, clever track “Parents” – an indisputable hit with a special sound by Yungblud, contains the idea of an album criticizing the older generation who does not accept young people as they are. In the next “Original Me”, the collaboration of two musicians with the contrasting vocals of Dominic and Dan complementing each other creates an ideal sound. The track "Casual Sabotage" was the album's most talked about song. Very melodic, sincere, deep, in which Yungblud demonstrates excellent voice control and seems to appeal to each person personally. And then – the emotional “Hope for the Underrated Youth” – a powerful anthem with screaming vocals, giving all young people hope for a change. The unexpected end of the album, a very beautiful waiting song “Waiting on the Weekend”, in which quiet melodic singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar, sums up the whole EP, the album about the value of each person’s personality and the inadmissibility of violence against her. Despite the somewhat shocking image of the musician himself and the lyrical content of his songs, his unifying music occupies an important place in modern rock culture and has deservedly received recognition from a huge number of fans.

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