Yungblud – Weird! [2020]

Yungblud Weird! Track List

Weird! – The second studio album by English pop-punk singer Yungblud was released on December 4, 2020 via Locomotion and Interscope Records. Yungblud began work on the album while in quarantine with friends in Los Angeles. This is where Weird! Was born, and at the end of April a $ 100 video was shot. All songs on the album contain touching messages disguised as fiery instrumental compositions. Even the saddest track becomes dance music. This is especially true of SuperDeadFriends, an anthem about the life and death of youth. Yungblud brings a new electronic ingredient to the mix that starts with the sound of a scratching record. Then the screaming vocals return, and its usual tone is replaced by rap. The carefree mood in Ice Cream Man is harmoniously combined with the serious tone of the rest of the album. Originally scheduled for November 13, 2020, the album's release has been delayed due to the inability to produce enough physical media caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, Yungblud did not cancel the 16-day tour announced on November 16, 2020, which started in London, as part of the world concert program in the format of THE WEIRD TIME OF LIFE TOUR.

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