Benediction – Embrace the Kill

Embrace the Kill

No more fear
Embrace the kill!

A monument to flaying bodies
Restrains shattered minds
Perversity symbolic murder
Intellect of evil so refined
No one left to bury bodies
Madness in the burning fields of hate

Embrace the kill!

Scarce removed from burning witches
Atrocities I shall collate
Flames that mourn the death of reason
Remorseless inhuman race
No seven sins to condemn us
Wrath, pride, envy, gluttony, greed, sloth
And howl for lust

Am I not human?
Human animal's thirsts and drives?
Pause to savour this only life
A prelude to the nightmare ride

Unconcerned with sanctimony
Truth is a stark blackened tongue
Masquerade hostility
The dead men you are down among

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