Benediction – Rabid Carnality

Rabid Carnality

The Moon demands the blood
This desire, slake its thirst
Under lunar loyalty
It's my progeny, my world

A damnable life and death
Wretched curse appeased
Consuming hearts, hot and raw
Worship the disease

The underdog genealogy
Know nothing of my deeds
Cavalier, man of my word
But by the Moon I'll feed

A damnable eternal life
Preservation's creed
Lunatic with sickening lust
Rhapsodical force feed

Terminology's submission: Behemoth

Stalking through the dark
No conscience for my crimes
Worshiping the covert
To hunt again a thousand times

A damnable life and death
Wretched curse appeased
Consuming hearts, hot and raw
You'll worship my disease...
My disease

Diagnosis acquisition: Lykaen

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