Benediction – Tear off These Wings

Tear off These Wings

Blind mouthpiece chants words to betray
I inherit angels' wings, pulverized and decayed

Condemn swine to drown in misery
I never asked for this
Atavistic haunting dreams, burn
At the sake of bliss
Fools begging for their plight
Never break their chains
Crusaders for a lie engorged
Upon these rotten remains

Tear off these fucking wings
For piety is worthless
Shattered - Self-righteous to impale
Reclaim - Once stolen power regain
They'll call for glorious war - our saviour fell
The Adversary bete noire rules in Hell

There is no fear, there is only will
Never kneel - Meet executioners as one
Emperors lie weeping in the dust
Banish me and I'll always return
Defame me - Unbloodied, unbowed, I'll watch you burn
Agonize me

My will shall never break
We are legion
We are the sea in which you'll drown
Predominance is reigning down
Down... Down... Down...

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