Benediction – The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man

An errant brain in overdrive
I could suffocate alone
This mortal seam is crooked now
Identity a disfigured drone

Abandon it beyond
Reality that breeds
Serpentine is spawned
The Crooked Man, a legend that bleeds!

Regenerate the deviant
Or leave myself for dead
A Black Flame now to light my way
So I can burn all the bridges ahead

The sinister baroque
Turmoil left to seethe
Wrought asunder, head to hip
Yet the Crooked Man, the legend that breathes
That's me!

A broken spirit healed uneven
Two halves malaligned
Mental overlord committing treason
To the darkened depths I'm now consigned
The Crooked Man soon reigning free
Such dreams to dread arise
Hellbent evolution
A different man alive

Cognate execution
Sinuous past has cracked
Lines on show are token
Unstable mind released
Imperfection broken
The Crooked Man reborn
Rambling and warped
Berserk and deranged
My tortuous facade
A personality exchanged
Never lie to myself
Limit that distinction
I'm yet the Crooked Man
From now until extinction

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