Beyond the Black & Tina Guo – I Won’t Surrender

I Won’t Surrender

The walls are moving in this room
And I can hear their voices from outside
There's shadows hanging on the moon
Haven't seen sunlight forever

And maybe I will slip and fall
I'm closer to the edge with every step
But I know underneath it all
There's a fighter inside of me

I won't surrender
No, nothings gonna break me down
I won't surrender
Keep breathing even when I drown
And in the deepest dark, I won't give up
I know there'll be a light at dawn
I won't surrender
I'll fight this final battle now
And I won't surrender

The bullets coming closer now
But I'll be holding out, it's in my blood
Yeah I won't run away, somehow
I will make it out of here

I'm praying to the open sky
"One day Ill be home again
I won't surrender...

[Cello Solo]

I won't surrender...
I won't surrender

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