Cellar Darling – Hang


Breathe silently or make the ghostly voice surrender
Stride carefully or let the forest bleed forever

I shall pick the tallest tree
Strong and sturdy just for me
Ask it if I may end my days
Clambering its graceful frame

Rising up high a scenic beauty unfolds
Only the wind scouting these grounds makes a sound

Breathe silently or make the voices die forever
Strive carefully or let the forest people shelter
Live violently or make it all be for the better
Hide stealthily or let me peacefully surrender

And once I tied and formed a sling
I saw a bird that had a broken wing
The bird was tired, could barely sing
Is this pain all that my life can bring?
And all it took was a piece of string
Around a stick to mend the broken wing
Through the forest now its voice could ring
Bow for this tree now has a brand new king

And all the while I hung
From the oak's eldest son
Dangling in the breeze
As the mother of the broken

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