Die Antwoord – U Like Boobies?

U like boobies?

[Yolandi:] Yo! You wanna see something cool?

[Kid:] What you got?

[Yolandi:] Come look inside the rat hole, we got candy

[Kid:] Yeah?

[Yolandi:] Tits, ass!

[Kid:] What?

[Yolandi:] You like boobies don't you?

[Kid:] Yeah...How much?

[Yolandi:] 13 bucks!

[Kid:] What the fuck! That's a lot of fucking money

[Yolandi:] Okay, Okay, for you, $12.99

[Kid:] Hmm... What else is in that hole?

[Yolandi:] Okay check it we got fuckin'... Rap music

[Kid:] Yeah

[Yolandi:] Ninjas

[Kid:] Uh huh

[Yolandi:] Guns

[Kid:] Hmm..

[Yolandi:] Aliens

[Kid:] What?

[Yolandi:] Freaks!

[Kid:] Woah!

[Yolandi:] Homosexuals! And rats, a lot of fucking rats!

[Kid:] Boss!

[God:] And that's not all kid!

[Kid:] Mother fuck!

[God:] We also got real live niggas

[Kid:] Jesus christ!

[God:] Not fake niggas, real niggas. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

[Kid:] Fuck! I'm fucking in! Let's do this!

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