Epica – Eidola


Idolam kwam creamus alimus, oramus
Ferimur simulacris fictis antiquis et futuris

Omnia solent fieri
Hoc tempore atque nunc et semper

Fictie fallimur,
Non vivimus sine mora
Elimina illecebras fugantes nos

Vaca a timore et tempore
Animam libera nunc
Ut liberes te a tempore et abs timore
Tu solus eo modo facturus et veritatem semper tuam

We pray to the idols we create and feed
We are exposed to false images of the past and the future

Everything usually happens
In this time, now and forever.

We are deceived by illusions
We do not live immediately
Eliminate our deviant temptations

Get rid of fear and time.
Free your soul now
So that you may be free from time and fear
Thus, only you will make that the truth is always yours

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