Frozen Crown – Across the Sea

Across the Sea

Deep in the night I was feeling undone
Coming to light for my eyes had been hard
Looking for peace through the oceans we sail
Dreaming the shores
Where we will find a new hope
For our soul to stay alive, me and you back to life

I'm feeling frozen, I can't hear my heart beating
As we're surrounded
By the things we are living for

I can recall all of these mistakes I've forgiven
I figured all

And I know, across the sea
We got lost but then
We carved our name in history
Here we are, tonight
'Cause we know, across the sea
We forgot our love while chasing our destiny
Please just hold me tight

After a lifetime again I will roam
I wonder how long will this struggle go on
So many places I keep in my heart
Once I was blind
Then you came through the darkness
For my soul to stay alive
Help me to save my life

Keep my flame alight to relief my hunger
Stay with me tonight
And wake me from the slumber of my mind

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