Frozen Crown – Crowned in Frost

Crowned in Frost

A blaze of glory
Here is the end of my path, there's no return
Close to the edge begins my story
Frosty winds are rising on the land
Children crying out
As winter's striking once again
Coming back for us

I walked away from the narrow rifts
I was too blind to see
Power to the braves
Symphonies sung by a thousand beasts
The ancient times now lost
Every scar that burns within for every blade I crossed

Giving my life for the Crown
Over the shivering shore a village burns down
And our victory is close as they drown
Our kingdom will come
A new day at the lights of dawn

Faith lies beyond, the battle is raging on
Wait for the dawn, we'll write our story

I'll take them away, all the remnants
Of the souls I've mourned until today
I will be forever free
Ravens cried their songs after sorrow built my throne

Awakened from this grasp
Beyond the gathering halls
Where the Sons of Winter mourn
Forgotten days of sorcery and dusk
I will return to lead my Kingdom once and for all
With steel, fire and force
I'll be forever crowned in Frost

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