Frozen Crown – Queen of Blades

Queen of Blades

Wind driving my wings for the final call
Coming to life as the flowers fall
Our grace will return with the brightest light
The will inside has left away
Those whispers in my head
And I've found a reason once again
For us to stay alive
If you believe my eyes
Like the changing seasons we will strike again

Hived in our flesh, the leeches suck out life
And catch new breath (seeds from the graves)
Angels amongst humans, ablaze
Our fire burns again

Once again we'll rise
The neverending light
Shines bright in our eyes

Coming to life as the flowers wither
As we look inside the mirror's maze
Our grace has returned with the brightest light
For once this time we'll left away
The shadows of the past
As we find a reason once again
And we will leave behind
The treasons and the lies
Even if we're bleeding we will fly

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