Garbage – Amends


You gave an inch, I took a mile
You lit a match, I set a fire
You know they say to make amends
Face to face

And though I know it's not my place
To tell you how to live your life
But to forget somebody's sins
Is divine, is divine

There is nothing you could say
To cause more hurt,
or cause me shame
Than all the things that I have thought
About myself

It's been so long and time has passed
We are both changed yet nothing has
When will you let me off the hook
And let me pass?

When the chains on the fence break
And free the insane
They can't wait to deliver bad news

It's what you do, don't make it right
Matter of fact, it's called revenge
Cut off your nose to spite your face
It's pretty cruel shutting me out

I used no knives, I didn't lie
I didn't mess around, or even tried
When they were lined up round the block
I sat and watched

So it's a shame that we don't talk
I miss your face and life is short
Get off your cross cause long goodbyes
Come every time, come every time

It's time to change your mind
It's time to change your mind
Don't you be too proud

It's time to change your mind

Cause I don't know, don't know you
Cause I don't know, don't know you

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