Insomnium – Neverlast


When you revel and feast
Bask in victories
When you ravish the crown
Claim the godly reward

Do not forget the lurking crows
Sitting on the gallows
Looming against the sky
Waiting for your demise

Soon on the scaffold
The king will stand

For the mirth and glory
Will never last
For the love and ardor
Will never dure

When you behold her glow
Fairness and the grace
When you can feel her warmth
Blazing right beside you

Do not forget the unkind fate
Doom that hangs upon you
All here is meant to end
It's only temporary

Even the fairest flower
Will soon die

For everything is meant to end
Nothing here is built to last

When you long to touch the sun
Grab the sphere of divine clouds
Don't forget that if you reach the utmost peak
Then the fall down shall hurt even more

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