Killswitch Engage – I Feel Alive Again

I Feel Alive Again

(I feel alive again)
(I feel alive again)

One last caress in a world so desperate
Holding on to a shred of hope only by a thread
Waiting for someone, someone to be there
To remind us that we can heal our disrepair
Can we not see there is a need
A need to disconnect this cycle of dismay

This desperation is now deeper than you know
Longing to hear a voice to say you’re not alone
So with these words I’m reaching out
To say that I fought through and found my way again

This is where it all began
I found the strength to try again
I feel alive again
I feel alive again
I fight beyond the pain

Looking through the darkness, the nothing, the worthlessness
Longing for the light
Beyond the grey of sorrows song

Before the fall is where the last hope is found
Desperate for a release
To give just a glimpse of peace
A fleeting clarity
A sense of things beyond our eyes
We may never be complete
But in this life we seem to feel alive

I feel alive again
I feel alive again
I fight beyond the pain

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