Lacrimosa – Black wedding day

Black wedding day

Now this is the mighty day
The one, the time, the place
And you are, you are
The one, the only one I love
So my love - my flesh and bone
Is this what you really want
Take my hand and take my life
Now take my soul and be my wife

I give my all to you, will you do that too
And if you do so too, this means: it's me and you
And then you take my hand
And we walk down the aisle
Because this is our
Black wedding day

You and me are one
Cause we've exchanged our hearts
This, my love, I promise you
I keep my faith, my loyalty
No force in this cold dark world
Can part us in eternity

This is the day
You're on my way
This is real
This is now
This is our time
Black wedding day

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