Lacrimosa – This is the night

This is the night

This is the night – i am back in the fight
To be here by your side – it’s not right
It’s not wrong – it’s un-right to decide
Now that you’re gone – i know i was so wrong
What took me so long to discover
That you are the one – you must be the one

Now this must have been something
You were always warned of
Your father always warned you of
Some useless poet
Hanging on your lips
But this one is mad about your lips
And this kiss is for real

Poisoning your world
As you are poisoning his world
With passion and desire
Deep devotion rising higher
But we both would be better off
If we wouldn’t have been ever met
We both would be better off…

Whatever i say – i wanna say it to you
Whatever i do – please let me do it for you

And if i try to think –
i think of nothing else

My mind is all over you
And my heart is all yours

Now you are here in my arms
And i can’t believe that it is you
Only in my heart – only in my mind
Only in my dream
Only for one night – only you and i
Only for this moment to share

Though you would be better off
If i wouldn’t have been loving you
I would be better off
If i wouldn’t have been ever born

In this night – i lost my life
And this sadness – it’s always here
And this pain – it won’t disappear

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